The surrounding districts of the Myer’s Hotel are well worth exploring, with their local neighbourhood atmosphere, culture, the Museum Island and Kollwitzplatz. Right around the corner you will find the heart of the district with its nineteenth-century buildings, constructed during the industrial boom. The area is much loved by Berliners and features many good bars and restaurants. Also within walking distance is the Jewish Cemetery in Schönhauser Allee with its “Lapidarium”, the Water Tower and Kastanienallee, a must for those following the arts and bar scene.


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The cultural landscape is diverse and competing suburb of course with the well-to-reach big stages and galleries in the city of Berlin. Immerse yourself in the cultural KIEZ. - WOESNEREI - Pfeffersberg theater Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin www.pfefferberg-theater.de The special theater "Joy is in the building," comedy special kind of twin brothers Ingo and Ralph Woesner and Shakespeare in German and in a different way.

- Theatre under the roof Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin www.theateruntermdach-berlin.de As a local venue for the theater is in the attic under the sponsorship of the district Berlin Pankow and presents a diverse selection of art in the field of german spoken theater

- KulturBrauerei Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin www.kulturbrauerei.de

with: Ramba Zamba - called the theatrical Compagnie of Berliner RambaZamba eV for people with so-called mental retardation. Exciting and extremely surprising.

Kesselhaus / Maschinenhaus cultural attraction with unmistakeable character and raw industrial charm: festivals, concerts, recitals, opera, dance, theater and Club Events

Frannz Club Club, Bar, Venue

Cinema in the KulturBrauerei Cinestar with a cultural claim, as well MET and Philharmonic broadcasts

- Theatre O N. Kollwitzstr. 53, 10405 Berlin www.theater-on.com The theatre oN has been founded 30 years network of actors and puppeteers players, directors, musicians and writers. It was the first and only independent theater for a long time of the GDR.

- DOCK 11 STUDIOS Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin www.dock11-berlin.de international dance performances and some with students

- EDEN STUDIOS Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin www.dock11-berlin.de international dance performances and some with students

- HALL in Berlin Eberswalde Street 10-11, 10437 Berlin www.halle-tanz-berlin.de The HALL was founded in 2003 by the cie. toula limnaios established as a platform for contemporary dance. Since then, it has established itself as an internationally acclaimed production and venue.

- ZENTRUM danziger50 Danziger Strasse 50 10435 Berlin www.danziger50.de. is an institution of the Cultural Association Prenzlauer Berg eV guarantee for a colorful variety, music, (German) spoken theater, ....

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The neighborhood of the hotel in Prenzlauer Berg offers a wide variety of dining options for all tastes: whether Asian, German, Brazilian, Jewish, French, ...... Discover the gastronomic world in the KIEZ

- Restaurant Lesendro Knaackstr. 45, 10405 Berlin www.lesendro.de A friendly, passionate cook from Montenegro who wears his culture into the neighborhood and offers delicious fish dishes in a pleasant ambience.

- "Leibhaftig" Metzer Str 30, 10405 Berlin www.leibhaftig.com. Bavarian tapas and home-brewed beer, Wanke-Bräu in the basement in the immediate vicinity

- RESTAURATION 1900 Husemannstr. 1 (Kollwitz Platz), 10435 Berlin www.restauration-1900.de The restauration 1900 in their equipment a mix between art nouveau and modern interiors. It was and is aware of this tradition. The changing dishes on the menu include a diverse repertoire from the Berlin and Brandenburg cuisine of' “Damals to Heute`- yesterday and today”.

- UMAMI Knaackstr. 16-18, 10405 Berlin www.umami-restaurant.de homemade indochinese kitchen awaits the guest. culinary specialties, prepared with love and fresh ingredients organic and offered in an Asian, natural style. A journey! Creative and traditional cuisine

- Ziervogel's cult curry Schönhauser Allee 20, 10435 Berlin www.kult-curry.de Currywurst Special: After years of working in the traditional enterprise Konnopke Mario Ziervogel and his wife Viola open their own snack restaurant in Berlin in 2012.

- Restaurant masel topf Rykestr. 2, 10405 Berlin www.restaurant-maseltopf.de Masel topf stands for contemporary Jewish cuisine with influences from Israel, Germany, Russia and America. In these countries, Jewish residents have developed their own eating habits. Masel topf combines these into a modern Jewish cuisine

- Bryk bar Rykestr. 18, 10405 Berlin www.bryk-bar.com neat bar culture with our partners Bryk bar. There ca taste the for us created Myer's Martini cocktail, adapted to the seasons. Just ring the bell.

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- Schönhauser Allee Shopping Center Schönhauser Allee 80, 10439 Berlin www.schoenhauser-allee-arcaden.de Shopping in its diversity: books, fashion, perfume, or drink coffee, eat ice cream ... not just a shopping mall in the neighborhood

- Schmidt's wine shop Kollwitzstraße 50 10405 Berlin www.weinladen.com Fine wines in a clean, sophisticated ambience and with good advice. - Tastings

- Colecomp / The taste workshop. Kollwitz Platz, Wörtherstrasse 39, 10435 Berlin www.colecomp.de Traditional, special, unusual and quality cooking utensils in a great presentation with a wonderful advice

- Matcha Shop Husemannstraße 29, 10435 Berlin www.matchashop.de Discover the espresso of tea and the high-quality accessories and the diverse possibilities of application. A green tea powder traditional from Japan, just around the corner. Can already be tasted for breakfast at hotel - caffeine loaded to proceed in the day. The kick for the day !

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- TIC, the Tourist Information in the Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10405 Berlin ww.TIC-Berlin.de Here you will be advised of the possibilities daily in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Berlin. In combination with a walk from the hotel passing the water tower over the Kollwitz Platz and in the culture brewery has its own, is worthwhile sightseeing spot! - Berlin on bike www.http in the KulturBrauerei Schönhauser Allee 36, 10405 Berlin: //berlinonbike.de Experience Berlin - guided bicycle tours, a guided bicycle tour is the best way to explore Berlin's spacious, green and flat urban area in small groups (!). Largely away from traffic, the guides take you to the most exciting and most beautiful corners of the city. Immerse yourself in the history and colorful life of the city, always entertaining and relaxed.

- Schloss Schönhausen - Schönhausen Palace - Tschaikowskistraße 1 13156 Berlin www.spsg.de/schloesser-gaerten/objekt/schloss-schoenhausen Schönhausen Palace is one of the few palace buildings of Berlin, who survived the Second World War unscathed. 1740 gave Friedrich II. (The Great), the property to his wife Elisabeth Christine, who lived there until her death in 1797. After the war the castle first served as the seat of the President of the GDR, and later as a guest house. The meetings of the Central Round Table and finally meeting of Foreign Ministers "Two Plus Four talks" In 1990 joined the site closely with the recent history of Germany. A place Prussian and German-German history! - Botanical plant The 34-acre botanical park Blankenfelde-Pankow offers listed building and garden art from the early 20th century, surrounded by precious natural forests and meadows. The gently undulating cultural landscape of the Barnim plateau with numerous ponds consists gently away into the topography of the public park. Three newly reconstructed greenhouses from the 20's are home to a remarkable collection of botanical rarities from tropical and subtropical climates

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... This is just a small selection. Subdivision advises you like from the competent, courteous front desk staff and various information materials as the day can be made more pleasant. Have fun in our NEIGHBORHOOD!


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